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I think once the whole album is up on here I'll have another look back/fix up of everything and then send the album off to Bandcamp/iTunes etc.


2014-05-30 13:21:58 by Phaaze22

I'm trying to finish an album by the end of the year. Some of the songs will be familiar (To like, barely anyone) and some others will not. I'll be uploading the songs in album order, as they're finished. Have a listen, enjoy etc.

Anyone there?

2011-08-10 05:24:25 by Phaaze22

Hello people. Wow, long time since I've made a blog post, eh? XD

Anyways, I've been posting tracks every now and then, between 2009 and now, and I'm doing alright. Wish I had a few more listeners, but ah well, don't we all?

Any of you stumbling across this, I encourage you to give me your reviews! I love getting feedback :)


2009-09-05 05:17:14 by Phaaze22

Erm... what to put here...

Well, hello people of Newgrounds! Hope you like my songs, I'll be posting more and more over the coming months.